What makes a build “Good?”

To start I believe whatever you have the most fun with and accomplishes your individual goal, is a successful build. With that being said, some builds are typically better then other builds by design. If you are just starting Dungeons and Dragons Online – you begin with what is called a “28-Point” build or a Adventurer, this character until reincarnated in some form, will always be technically a tad bit weaker than its predecessor in Champion (32-Point builds), noticeably weaker than Hero (34-Point Builds), and obviously no-where close to Legend (36-Point Builds).

Don’t be discouraged in this though, as you can only achieve Hero, and Legend builds by True Reincarnation of your character. This is a form of resetting your characters progress in return for becoming a stronger character, DDO’s way of making the game endlessly fun and challenging!

The point system, while having some sway in how strong a build can be, isn’t the make all, break all for a build. Here are some easy things to ask yourself and tweak while making a build that can make your BRAND NEW 28-Point Build, so that it can stand up to even the best 36-Point Builds:

-Is it capable of Soloing?:
Is your build self-sufficient or does it need assistance? (Its perfectly fine if your build isn’t meant for soloing either! just something to think about in the longevity of it all.)

-What is your goal for the character?:
-Heal? -Solo? -Tank? -Group? -Damage? -Purely to have a fun time?
All of these are great things to think about while designing your build.

-Selecting whether to multiclass or not:
While multiclassing sounds like a no brainer (Why not get the best of both worlds right?!) Here are some reasons not to; and some reason on why multiclassing is great:

No Multi:
-You will gain your classes capstone enhancements
-Highest caster level possible
-Sometimes classes just don’t mix the way you’d like them to

-Potential for higher damage/defensive capability
-Potential to have more utility while remaining true to your base class
-Sometimes classes actually work better together then separated when trying to accomplish specific goals

Feats are an incredibly important part of ANY Dungeons and Dragons Online build. Selecting the right feats is crucial in your build to operate at its highest capability.

-What feats better your build to reach your goal?

-Metamagics are super important for casters EVEN though they increase the spell-point cost of your spells

-Toughness is a must-pick at some point in almost EVERY build

-Plan when to get specific feats: i.e. Maximize Spell at Lvl 1 may make you one-shot everything but will “OOM” (Out-Of-Mana) you in 5 spells; mental toughness or toughness will help a caster far more at Lvl 1 – Save maximize for when you can afford the extra spell point costs (unless you have spell-like abilities in your build layout)

-Do your feats coordinate well with each other?:
While trying to get Whirlwind Attack pre-reqs, it may be more logical to not get metamagics even if your end goal IS to be a Battlemage or some sort etc. – remember your goal for your character and realize that some feats are far more important then others

-Remember feats are the only thing in the game that are BARELY manipulated by items; meaning choosing proper feats is more important than anything besides STAT priority

Stats are what makes your build truly unique, whether you want to make a barbarian completely strength based or make a barbarian completely charisma based (I don’t see why but who knows), you can do whatever you want with your builds stats, just make sure that everything in the build complies with what your stats allow you to do. Stats are very important in making a build strong, in my opinion.

For Beginners: Simplifying base stats for your characters class is very important, here is a list of what every class is suggested to use for maximum potential:
Alchemist: INT
Artificer: INT
Barbarian: STR
Bard: CHA
Cleric: WIS
Druid: WIS
Favored Soul: WIS/CHA
Fighter: STR
Monk: Uhh? Monks can use STR, DEX, or WIS and be very effective
Paladin: STR/CHA
Ranger: DEX/WIS
Rogue: DEX/INT
Sorcerer: CHA
Warlock: INT/CHA
Wizard: INT

At this point in DDO there is a way to use ANY stat as a way to hit/damage w/ weapons:
STR – Standard
DEX – Ninja Spy: Basic Ninja Training, Advanced Ninja Training Etc.
CON – Dwarf: Throw Your Weight Around
INT – Harper Agent: Strategic Combat 1 and 2
WIS – Falconry: Killer Instinct 1 and 2
CHA – Feydark Illusionist: Familiar’s Flourish 1 and 2

As a recommendation almost every build should start with at least 14 CON in order to maintain a solid health pool throughout levels. CON is the only stat that EVERY build needs to utilize to actually gain a benefit as it contributes directly to your characters survivability.

4 thoughts on “What makes a build “Good?”

  1. A good start, but not a great finished product. Some useful info but mixed with some misleading statements, simple inaccuracies and a couple purely personal preferences (e.g. “Toughness”) and not “universal” truths. Overall, I’m afraid I could not recommend this as it stands. One of the most glaring flaws is a total absence of comment re the subject of “Enhancement Trees”, which is at least as, if not more, important than Feats in any build consideration. Needs some work before it can be said to hit its mark imo.

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    1. Hey! I appreciate this comment a lot as it will help me grow faster with where to focus on. I’m very new to blogging and am just getting back into DDO. I’ll be learning as time goes on, and I can’t wait to improve. Thank you for the comment again, it does help drastically.

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