Universal Enhancement Trees in DDO

Enhancement trees in DDO are the core of every characters specialization, allowing each player to really get exactly what they want out of their character; even if it means you want to play a spell casting rogue, there is ways to make it happen using Enhancements.

With that being said, there are currently (04/22/2021) five Universal Enhancement trees in Dungeons and Dragons Online. Each unique in their own ways, providing every character with more options then the standard class enhancements allow.

You may ask what is a “Universal” Enhancement Tree? Universal Enhancement Trees are enhancement trees usable by ANY class/race, meaning that not only do you have access to your class/multiclass/racial enhancement trees, but FIVE other enhancement trees; mix and match as you wish to accomplish your goal with your character. With that being said, the Universal Enhancement trees are SO unique in their own way, that they don’t always mesh well with one-another.

The five Universal Enhancement trees are as follows:

Falconry: Masters of using a hunting bird as a weapon of attack. Characters with Falconry will get to choose between five different hunting birds, the choice being purely cosmetic. The massive and unique benefit of this tree is that it will allow you to utilize your WIS (Wisdom) Modifier as a way to hit-and-damage enemies with your weapons, melee or missile.

Feydark Illusionist:
Illusionists being the newest member of the Universal Enhancement tree group offer a couple of unique options. Wielding Shadowy Blades to strike down their foes they also have a unique companion by their side, the familiar. You get to pick one of five different familiar’s to do your bidding. Familiar’s can increase the range at which your spells can hit opponents as well as providing unique defensive characteristics and stealthy abilities. Another unique property of this tree is the ability to passively gain your CHA (Charisma) Modifier as a way to hit-and-damage, to note this does not effect shield bashing.

Harper Agent: Harper Agents are amongst the most versatile of the Universal Enhancements, truly being able to benefit a vast majority of the classes in the game. In this tree, you will find passive weapon enhancement bonuses along with passive metamagic feats that don’t increase the spell-point cost of your spells. As a unique part of this tree, you can use your INT (Intelligence) Modifier as a way to hit-and-damage with your weapons.

Inquisitive: Based on the Master Inquisitive prestige class in the 3.5e Eberron Campaign Setting, Inquisitives are investigators who specialize in solving mysteries and shedding light on the darkest secrets. Inquisitors have the unique ability to Dual-Wield crossbows (non-repeating.) Along with artificers they can also conjure their own bolts in stacks of 1,000. Unique to Inquisitive, the tree allows you to gain the Improved Uncanny Dodge feat and a passive True Seeing. Inquisitive is among one of the best enhancement trees to go into if you’re interested in ranged damage-per-second characters due to the shear amount of damage Dual-Wielding crossbows can do.

Vistani Knife Fighter: Dagger wielding assassins, with a completely unique style of attacking whilst Dual-Wielding. Vistani Knife Fighters have one of the most consistent doublestrike/shot self-buffs in Rapid Slash/Throw, an ability that deals 3W damage as well as buffing yourself with a 20% Morale Boost to doublestrike/shot for 10 seconds, on a 10 second cooldown (basically providing you with a 100% uptime on 20% doublestrike stacking.) Within the Vistani Knife Fighter tree, you are allowed to pick between any of the stats, multiple times within the tree/core enhancements; if you invest heavily into the Vistani Knife Fighter tree, you will gain +2 stacking to all ability scores with the capstone core enhancement, +2 within the tree to whatever your ability score of choice (as most enhancement trees provide, but Vistani allows you to pick ANY of the 6 stats), also using the core enhancement “Vistani Fortune” one out of four uses of the ability will provide you with a stacking +2 to all ability scores when you gain the “Stars” buff. This means that using purely Vistani Knife Fighter as one of your enhancement trees, can provide your character with a stacking +6 total to your ability scores.

Unlocking the Universal Enhancement Trees:
While the Universal Enhancement trees are an amazing addition to DDO, these unique trees all come with a cost, whether its time in the game unlocking them through favor, or through actual DDO Store Points. Here is the breakdown on how to unlock EACH of these five trees for your entire account of characters:

Falconry: Falconry is unlocked by obtaining 700 Free Agents favor, OR by purchasing it in the DDO Store for 495 DDO Points. Falconry is also a part of the White Plume Mountain Bonus Items pack, purchasable for 1,495 DDO Points

Feydark Illusionist: Illusionist is unlocked by earning the third tier of Summer Court favor (known as being “Knight” in the Summer Court favor rankings) OR by purchasing the Fables of the Feywild expansion in the DDO Store

Harper Agent: Harper Agent is obtainable by reaching 310 Harper Favor or by purchasing it for 495 DDO Points. Harper Agent is the ONLY Universal Enhancement tree FREE for VIP players

Inquisitive: Inquisitive is included in an assortment of bundles for the Masterminds of Sharn expansion pack, but can be unlock PER CHARACTER by reaching tier three of the Sharn City Council favor. Inquisitive is also unlockable by purchasing it using 495 DDO Store Points

Vistani Knife Fighter: Vistani Knife Fighter is available in the Collector’s or Ultimate editions of the Mists of Ravenloft expansion. Vistani can be obtained PER CHARACTER by gaining 180 Ravenloft (Keepers of the Feather) favor OR by purchasing Vistani Knife Fighter in the DDO Store for 495 DDO Store Points

Universal Enhancement trees can truly make your build even better, but aren’t a necessity to make your build incredible. Each universal enhancement tree provides super unique bonuses for your character, changing your fighting style, or amplifying your magic capabilities. In the future I will be diving deeper into what makes each of the enhancement trees (Yes, ALL of the enhancement trees) unique and powerful in their own right, and how to build around each of the enhancement trees. If you’re interested in a specific enhancement tree for me to write about in the near future, feel free to message me using social media, or the contact tab above!

Dan, DDO Savant

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